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FSE 1.0 Features

Finite Element Analysis Software for Flanged and Flued Expansion Joint

FSE 1.0 is a software to carry out axisymmetric finite element analysis of Flexible Shell Elements also called Flanged and Flued Expansion Joints or commonly bellows as per guidelines of TEMA.

The FSE 1.0 program takes Geometry Dimensions and Material Properties as input to generate spring rate for the expansion joint.

Once the spring rate is evaluated the same can be fed into an ASME heat exchanger design program (say PVELITE) to generate axial stresses in shell for multiple ASME UHX load cases (Four Design and Four Operating). The shell side pressure and the axial stresses in shell are entered into the Loads Tab of the FSE 1.0 program to complete model setup for the analysis.

The FSE 1.0 program analyzes the model and geneates a report with linearized stress tables across stress classification lines (SCLs) at the locations recommended by TEMA. In addition the program calculates fatigue damage factor in case the optional design cycle life is provided by the user.

  • The FSE 1.0 program can analyze all 8 ASME UHX Load Cases (mechanical, thermal, thermo-mechanical) in a single run. However separate design cases like normal, operating, startup/shutdown etc may lead to greater than 8 cases and are required to be analyzed individually using separate files.

  • The FSE 1.0 program can perform fatigue analysis based on ASME Sec VIII Div 2 guidelines to check the design cycle life of the expansion joint. However the SN curve data from ASME Sec VIII Div 2 is currently not in-built into the FSE 1.0 program and is required to be fed manually.

  • The FSE 1.0 user interface is modern, simple and intutive, supporting standard keyboard shortcuts for all the tools in the toolbar. The help documentation for the FSE 1.0 program is extensive and easy to understand.

  • One of the highlights of the FSE 1.0 program is the neat, concise yet descriptive FEA report that it generates which includes a stress ratio summary table for a quick check of pass/fail status of the analyzed expansion joint model.

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